Cycling as transport. No special clothes needed. No fancy gear. Just people and bikes dressed for the destination.

Monday, November 7, 2011

November days

Green Pashley

Her bike: Green Pashley

Red rims

Red rims and matching scarf

Gent on Bank St.

Downtown gentleman
Bike: Electra


  1. November is one of my favourite months for getting around by bike!
    Love the cooler days!

    I have baskets just like the guy in the last picture :p
    Extremely helpful when shopping!

  2. Thanks for the comment Ryan. I agree about November. I like those baskets too. However, I just use a plastic crate that I bungee on to my rear rack. I quite enjoy seeing all the ways people load up groceries on their bikes.

  3. Those rims are great!! My friend found me a detachable wicker basket for the front on my bike - can't wait to use it next year! : )