Cycling as transport. No special clothes needed. No fancy gear. Just people and bikes dressed for the destination.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hotel guest bikes

Minto bikes

The people at Minto Suites Hotel seem to understand the need to provide their guests with nice bicycles for getting around town. And nice bikes they are. Conveniently located next to the Lyon Street bike lane (south) and next to the upcoming Laurier Avenue segregated bike lanes. Ottawa Cycle Chic thinks this is a great idea and fine customer service!

Rainy day chic

Cycle chic 19

It would be nice to see the sun again but rain doesn't need to dampen one's chic expressions.

Bike: Raleigh

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Capitale Bixi launches in Ottawa

Capitale Bixi started up last week under slightly dreary weather but it did nothing to dampen the spirits of those test riding the bixis. Ottawa Cycle Chic was there to capture the moment.

Ottawa Bixi cycle chic shift

Bixi chic!

Bixi 2

Ottawa Cycle Chic found the colour scheme of our Capitale Bixis to be very appropriate for the Nation's capital.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More cruising

We have had some really inconsistent weather of one day and warm the next. So jackets and coats are still to be seen.

Purple cruiser

Purple cruiser for grocery shopping

cycle chic 6

Laid back cruising

Cool cruising

cruiser chic

Cycle chic 5

The increasingly popular cruisers.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Capital chic!

What better time to launch Ottawa Cycle Chic than the May holiday long weekend. Glorious weather and bicycles everywhere! In addition, we launched Capitale Bixi this past week and the bike-share plan is off to a great start with red and white Bixis spotted all over the streets and pathways.


Lovely lady on a Skeppshult Natur

I first noticed the cycle chic style in Ottawa during the summer of 2009, but it wasn't until last summer that chic cyclists were seen more often. This summer it has really taken off. Upright bikes have obviously found their way out of cellars and garages and maybe a mountain bike or two has been parked. I've seen Pashleys, Multicycles and Adriaticas popping up along the canal pathways and on our city streets. No longer a head-turning occasion but now part of the everyday scene in it should be.

Cycle chic 15

Gent on a Pashley