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Monday, August 1, 2011

Bike chic fashion show

The Rideau Canal Festival held a bike chic fashion show on the weekend. Ottawa Cycle Chic had a rough idea of what to expect and we were not surprised.

CCFashion show 3

Models preparing for their fashion ride

CCFashion show 1

I was not thrilled with the choice of bikes for the fashion show. This is the only model that has a bike suitable for her outfit. Even then, white jeans and no chain guard...not a good combination.

CCFashion show 4

CCFashion show 5

Very nice evening dresses but the bikes just don't match up.

CCFashion show 9

Bike: Kunstadt Sports

Of course, part of the show featured local designer Richard Robinson. He lived up to his colourful reputation.

CCFashion show 6

CCFashion show 8

CCFashion show 7

CCFashion show 2

This young lady waiting for the bike chic show was actually the only one present who actually had a chic bike. She obviously understands that the bike needs to match the outfit. Something perhaps, that can be considered the next time such a show is put on. Still, it was 20 minutes of fun.

Bike: Opus


  1. I was there on Sunday for the fashion show. It was great fun and wonderful styles were seen from Ottawa's Richard Robinson Haute Couture, Green Tree Eco Boutique and Peter Kunstadt fo Kunstadt Sports who provided the bicyles. Thank you to Julie Buen, Citizen Fashion Writer, for providing the commentary.

  2. Thanks for your comment Suzanne. I agree it was fun. I just think the bikes were not right for the first 4 models. The sportier styles fit their bikes much better. Dresses and skirts need bikes with skirt guards and chain guards. Grease on the ankle or pant leg is not something chic. Thanks for the info though. I was trying to remember the boutique name!

  3. Mucho estilo hay en Ottawa. Saludos desde Sevilla España.

  4. I agree that the choice of bicycles was unfortunate. There is the issue of grease from the chain and of billowing skirts getting stuck in the spokes without a skirt guard. There is also the issue of posture. Leaning forward, especially when wearing a dress or top with a decolletage, is not chic. I could see that several of the models were trying to counter this effect by only holding on to the handlebars with the very tips of their fingers - not a comfortable way to ride in the long run obviously. Bike chic, to me, is not just wearing something chic - the bike itself has to be chic as well and it must above all allow you to sit and move in an elegant and unhampered way.

  5. @Thanks for the comment Marie. I agree!
    @Muchas gracias MCarlos!

  6. it's nice to actually see a Cycle Chic show where the models are actually riding the bicycles, My ideal Cycle Chic show would take place on Queen St in Toronto in normal traffic with cars and other cyclists zipping by for a contrast in style. Keep it up Ottawa!

  7. Xander, I would like to see that too!